Our Process

Our Process

It is our process that defines us and is the key to our success along with proprietary material and proprietary coatings. Our use of proprietary micro alloy materials and proprietary cold processing methods produce consistently high quality products at the lowest possible cost. Cold processing allows us to react quickly to changing customer needs and develop innovative design solutions.

Cold Process/Material

  • We invented and patented the material and processes to produce high strength cold form u-bolts
  • We have developed long-term partnerships with steel manufacturers
  • The steel from the mills is made to our specific rolling practices to enhance product performance
  • Diameters from 7/16” to 1¼” and 10mm to 30mm
  • Round, semi-round, square and flattened configurations
  • ProtecTorque™ corrosion resistant coating withstand 800 hours salt spray
  • Purchased steel delivered to CMP

  • Cold Draw Stocks and Coil

  • Coating

  • Test Lab, CAD, Software Support

  • Product delivered to client specifications


  • First patent issued in 1975 on our material and process for cold drawing and cold forming u-bolts
  • Granted numerous additional patents for u-bolts, stabilizer bars, structural shapes and high strength bolts
  • 50 active patents covering cold process technology
  • International patents in Japan, European Union, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Korea
  • We share our IP with our die makers so everything is made to our exacting specifications
  • Developed our own proprietary coating that has been independently tested and approved by OEM customers worldwide

Custom Solutions

  • We work with customers to provide unique solutions to their needs even on an emergency basis

Customer Scorecard

  • Customers review our performance on a regular basis
  • We consistently receive the highest performance ratings with all customers

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