CMP Headquarters

Our Company

We are the world’s only full-line manufacturer of high strength cold-formed u-bolts, for light- medium- and heavy-duty truck and trailer leaf and air spring suspensions.


  • Founded in 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Family owned/privately held business
  • Owned by the Gallagher family with next generation leadership in place
  • Developed the steel and process to cold form u-bolts to grade 8 strength
  • 375,000 metric tons of high strength u-bolts produced since 1975
  • 1945

    Company Founded

  • 1970s

    CMP develops process to cold form u-bolts to grade 8 strength

  • 1975

    First patent awarded

  • 2007

    CMP begins producing stabilizer bars

  • 2012

    CMP begins producing high strength suspension bolts


  • 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • German warehouses have served European customers since 1995
  • We have sales reps in North American, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Our manufacturing process requires no annealing, quenching or tempering
  • Cold processing significantly reduces energy usage
  • Our coating process results in less waste and energy consumption; no acids are used in our process

Future Plans

  • Explore additional uses for our proprietary material and manufacturing processes while continuing to focus on our core products
  • Explore additional opportunities in other markets while continuing to serve our existing customer base

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